Dead Space 3 Eudora gameplay released

A 17 minute Dead Space 3 gameplay video has been released by Visceral Games. In the trailer, we see Isaac make a HALO drop from one ship to another. The ship that Isaac lands on is the Eudura, a derelict vessel with a new breed of Necromorphs: mummified.

The necromorphs have infected 200 year old corpses and have gained a mummified appearance. There are even Necromorph dogs. Awesome.

As for the gameplay, it’s looking to be as much as I expected. Being a demo meant to garner interest, I wouldn’t expect them to show off the game’s quiet and slow segments. But I do hope that this demo, while looking pretty cool, is not an indication that there will be no moments in the game where Isaac has to endure a foreboding atmosphere without a constant barrage of enemies.

Check out the full gameplay video below for some intense space action. As an added bonus, the end of the video follows Visceral’s bloody tradition.

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