Dead Space 3: Awakened releases March 12

EA has announced today that Dead Space 3: Awakened will release on March 12 on PlayStation Network, PC, and Xbox Live (the 13th on EU PSN). The post-campaign add-on will sell for $10 (800MSP). The content is said to amp up the horror elements by reintroducing dementia among Isaac and Carver. New enemy variants will surface, including Necromorph and Unitologist–the latter are looking pretty creepy! A new leader of the Unitologists can be seen above in the header and the trailer below.

Awakened looks pretty snazzy. After playing through the game as Carver, I wanted more dementia elements. Glad to see that’s the focus of this DLC. Let’s hope that Awakened is worth the $10 price tag.

YouTube video

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