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Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition contents

Amazon has jumped the gun, having posted an image of what looks to be the real deal. Of course, I’m talking about the Dead Space 2 Collector’s Edition that EA is as of yet still not detailing. An image of the whole package could’ve been seen at the site, but has since been pulled. Luckily for you horror fans, you can check out that exact image below.

It’s a dream come true! Come January 25th, fans will be able to weild their own plasma cutter! Who would’ve thought we’d see this day. Let’s just hope it’s not made completely out of cheap plastic. Either way, it’s awesome to include this in the pack and makes me wonder what the pricing on this bad boy is gonna be. I mean, it also looks like you get a soundtrack, an art cell of sorts, and of course the game itself. Confirmation should come soon, but we can all pretty much see this as being legit.


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