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Dead Rising studio to utilize Unreal Engine 4 for upcoming projects

Capcom Vancouver are announcing today that they are teaming up with Epic Games to utilize their ever-popular Unreal Engine 4 as well as hiring new staff to join their team for “upcoming projects”. Studio Director Joe Nickolls has stated that the shift in game engine will allow the team to realise their vision for their new projects and future direction.

“We have some ambitious visions for where we want to take our next games and while our previous proprietary engine served the needs for the projects at the time, shifting to Unreal Engine 4 delivers the right tools for our future direction,” said Joe Nickolls, Studio Director of Capcom Game Studio Vancouver. “Not only will we be developing on a powerful and versatile platform, we’ll also work closely with the team at Epic to maximize the capabilities of the latest and greatest technology. Using this industry leading engine also allows us to quickly integrate new talent onto our projects so that we can focus on pioneering new world class entertainment.”

The Vancouver  division of Capcom (previously Blue Castle Games) has focused exclusively on developing Dead Rising games since Dead Rising 2, so its fair to assume that there is a new entry into the series on it’s way, albeit likely in early stages. CJ thinks Dead Rising 3 was pretty great, and seeing as it was a launch title for Xbox One, the series has been quiet for a little while now. We are due another crazy zombie-smashing adventure, surely? Please!

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