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Dead Island Goes Retro in Definitive Collection Bonus

Dead Island Definitive

The Dead Island games are being re-released in shiny new packaging for the Dead Island Definitive Collection, and it has an interesting addition to the series: Dead Island Retro Revenge. In the 16-bit throwback, players side scroll through zombie-infested California to save Max’s kidnapped cat. At their disposal are power-ups, super weapons, magic, and melee combo attacks. Beyond the undead horde, there will be evil ex-cons and a battalion of corrupt soldiers to conquer before Max’s catnapped friend is safe.

The Definitive Edition of both games, as well as the collection with Retro Revenge included, go on sale on May 31st. Fans of the game who have already purchased through Steam can breathe a sigh of relief on the $39.99 price tag, since Deep Silver has announced an 85% loyalty discount on the Definitive version of any game players already own through the service, or the bundle if players own both games. The company has tweaked the user interface on both games to create a more cohesive gameplay experience, as well enhanced the lighting and textures in both games. They also made the PC Power Fists mod part of the official game in a bid to show their audience that they are listening to what fans want. They’re hoping that the improvements will bring back existing fans of the games while bringing in some fresh blood.

Players who aren’t interested in the upgraded Definitive games who want to get their hands on Retro Revenge can purchase it standalone through Steam at the pre-order listing price of $4.99. The developer released gameplay footage of Retro Revenge on their Dead Island Twitter earlier today, teasing the add-on as part of the Definitive Collection release. While they didn’t specify a date, the team did say that the individual purchase of Retro Revenge will not be available until sometime after the Definitive Collection is released on the 31st. Dead Island: Retro Revenge will be avalilable for all current platforms supported by the main games, so players can experience it on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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