Dead By Daylight Announced, Asymmetrical Slasher Horror

Wow. I guess slasher-style games are all the rage these days. Started by Until Dawn, and with Friday the 13th The Game and the similar Last Year coming later this year, it’s no surprise that someone else is jumping on what’s looking like a bandwagon. Coming from Behavior Interactive (developers of  Naughty Bear and WET… which is not really a great pedigree), Dead by Daylight looks like it’s trying to bring it’s own spin on the slasher game genre. Which I guess is a thing now.

Featuring asymmetrical gameplay that delivers a totally different experience for the players of each side. The killer plays in first-person, with a focus on strength and knowledge of the environment, while the survivors play in third person with a heavy focus on perception of the environment and agility. It’s an interesting way of balancing out the two categories, reminding me somewhat of the multiplayer from Aliens: Colonial Marines– Marines play in a first-person shooter style, while the Xenomorphs are third person brawlers. On top of that, the levels are all procedurally generated, and the kinds of environments and even the type of killer you’re facing are completely random, keeping the game fresh and tense (potentially) forever.

Now, there’s no gameplay or even screen shots from this game, so I’d suggest keeping your interest in check (especially given the developer’s background). There is a developer diary chock full of production artwork, but we’ll see more in the coming months I’m sure.

YouTube video


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