DayZ DLC Brings New 'Livonia' Map - Rely on Horror

DayZ DLC Brings New ‘Livonia’ Map


Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game DayZ is getting DLC, adding the first new official map to the game since it launched five years ago.

The iconic Chernarus map, which has been synonymous with DayZ since it was an ARMA 2 mod, will be joined by the 163KM^2 region of Livonia. Livonia is based on the ARMA 3 Contact Expansion map and features varied landscapes, urban areas with overgrown vegetation, and forests populated by a new enemy type: bears. The map will also feature frequent rainstorms.

There are currently no details on when Livonia comes to DayZ and how much it will cost, but it’s coming to the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. The short trailer showcases some of the landscapes, and for longtime fans, I’m sure the change of scenery will be welcome. Here’s hoping it also has helicopters.


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