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Dark’s Launch trailer: How psyched are you?

In a post Twilight world, the vampire/werewolf genres are not in good standing with fans of the traditional, non-romantic, non-sparkly murderous beasts. Enter Dark, a stealthy action game where you play as a vampire and do what vampires do, as you try to become a fully fledged creature of the night. No sparkling, pinky promise– that is unless you count the purple energy stuff…

Set in a contemporary backdrop with about 1/10 of DMC: Devil May Cry’s edge you play as a newly turned vampire who must drink the blood of either his creator or an elder before turning into a feral ghoul. Featured in the trailer are some interesting instant movement/ teleportation mechanics and a “hunter” vision that allows you to lock onto humans. Overall my impression was kind of mixed, the trailer doesn’t give the full impression of the game in my opinion.

What’s good is that there’s an interesting narrative and art style which helps with immersion, the gameplay mechanics, while not revolutionary, seem fun. On the flip side, the quality of the characters and animation nullify whatever the game did have going for it. Since it is in a similar vain to Vampire: The Masquerade there’s a lot to live up to in the genre, with little room for sub-par anything.

I think the most optimistic way to look at it is that, at least the idea of playing as a night creature in video games isn’t dead (outside Skyrim). Keep an eye on the site for our official review, by the way.

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