Dark Souls Producer Teases Future in VR


One little interview at the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards might have spoiled a very big surprise for the Dark Souls franchise. During the interview sessions before the show, host Julia Hardy had a chance to sit down with Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura. At the end of their brief chat, Julia unleashed a barrage of questions about Yoshimura’s feelings on VR, and whether the series will leap to VR in the future. Yoshimura’s answer was a yes, followed by an explanation that the team are “hoping” to create a Dark Souls game for VR in the future.

Dark Souls on VR would be a huge boon for Playstation, giving the platform’s proprietary VR system a popular series to add to its already robust selection. VR could introduce some great new mechanics to the series as well, making the already frightening world of Dark Souls downright terrifying. Perhaps we will know more after Playstation Experience this December, though a more reasonable timeline may be in 2017. With the recent release of the Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC pack, the team should probably take a well-deserved break before moving on to the next project.

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