Dark Souls 3 in VR Looks Pretty Sweet

If it’s on PC, it’ll get modded. And now that the gaming community at large has access to virtual reality headsets, it looks like VR in non-VR games will increasingly become a thing. The latest example is Dark Souls 3, modded to support VR in first person. It’s awesome.

The mod, created by Zullie the Witch, enables a first person camera perspective in Dark Souls 3 with a revamped control style. From there, VR support was incorporated. The results are amazing, as the level of detail in the Dark Souls 3 world pops better than ever. The game appears harder as well in the new perspective, requiring enemy attack animations to be tracked from the POV of the player rather than a third-person camera. Add another game to the list that I’ll have to try once I get a VR headset for myself.

Let’s not forget, though, that From Software does appear to be working on a game with PlayStation VR support. Hopefully it’s as aesthetically pleasing or better than the Dark Souls 3 mod and available for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

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