DailyVania: Will Trevor Belmont become Alucard in Mirror of Fate?

Looks like I was somewhat wrong with my previous speculation about Mirror of Fate. The 3DS exclusive follow-up to Lords of Shadow will not star Alucard… Or will it?

Let’s talk aesthetics first. The Lords of Shadow universe’s version of Trevor Belmont sports attire that’s not unlike Alucard’s. The long coat looks quite similar, despite Trevor’s being green (which is a nice homage to his appearance in Symphony of the Night and Curse of Darkness). And, of course, he resembles Gabriel, as he should since he is the son he never knew he had. I just find it quite awesome that Mercury Steam’s version of Trevor has a design that meshes both the classic Belmont and Alucard together into this very bad-ass looking hero.

Now let’s talk about Trevor’s actual character. We don’t know much at this point, but we do know Gabriel’s about to unleash hell on the Brotherhood of Light and all of humanity as a punishment for all that he’s suffered. That’s where Trevor comes in, humanity’s only hope. He won’t be alone– it’s been confirmed that you’ll also get to play as Simon and two other characters. Son of Dracula? Check. But there’s more, and this is where some more speculation comes in.

Keeping in line with his classic depiction, Trevor will most likely get severely wounded in his battle against Dracula. He might even get bit himself, leading to him obtaining powers not unlike his father’s. This may be Trevor’s fate all along, and we all know the titular Mirror of Fate will come into play and show him his destiny. So throughout the whole game he may be fighting to prevent this vampiric transformation from occurring, which then leads to the time-jumps. He’ll stop at nothing to change his fate. However, some things just can’t be changed…

Like Lords of Shadow, I’m sure Mirror of Fate will have another shocking ending. And what better way to cap off the game that will directly lead into Lords of Shadow 2 than by revealing that Trevor ultimately becomes Alucard in this new Castlevania timeline. And the newly-transformed Belmont may end up being the lead character once again in Lords of Shadow 2, now possessing vampiric powers of course.

One thing’s for sure, it’ll be yet another tragic tale if all this ends up happening. A man giving it his all to change his fate, only to fall victim to its unfortunate inevitability. Hell, this may be something that could anger a lot of classic-vania fans, but personally, I’m quite excited to see something like this happen.

But what are your thoughts? Do you think Trevor will end up becoming Mercury Steam’s version of Alucard? Sound off below! And stay tuned for tomorrow’s column where I’ll be breaking down the game’s trailer, followed by the Lords of Shadows 2 trailer the next day!

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