DailyVania: Dissecting Lords of Shadow 2’s poster

E3 kicked off today with Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences, with the show floor opening up tomorrow. It’s going to be a wild week for ‘vania fans and I’ll be there in the eye of the storm covering everything for you guys.

Like I stated on Friday, this whole week (starting tomorrow), DailyVania will be a blog-like series of entries documenting my time at the show checking out Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2. You can bet your chupacabra ass I’ll be checking out the demo builds multiple times, so expect very in-depth previews for those. But today, let’s take a look at LoS 2’s poster.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Dracula is looking quite awesome here and that’s a very adorable wolf! But wait…could that be Alucard? Again, I must note how it hasn’t been confirmed that Alucard will be in the game, but seriously, that white-haired man at the end of the trailer just screams Alucard. But why is he alongside Dracula here? I mean, he is his son, but their relationship isn’t exactly all kisses and hugs. Better yet, why is G-Drac holding the sword Alucard was wielding in the trailer?

The end of the trailer indicated that there might be an epic clash between father and son, with Alucard drawing his sword after G-Drac took care of an army of soldiers and a mechanical titan. The trailer ends there, with Drac’ looking back at Alucard and smiling (most likely wondering where in the blue hell he got that sweet sword). As aforementioned, this could lead to a battle between them, or it could be something else entirely.

Remember the trailers for the original game? They used clever editing to make it seem like we would actually be fighting Dracula at the end of the game, a’la classic-vania. Instead, we ended up with Satan as the final boss (which I’m not complaining about!) What if Mercury Steam is pulling the same trick here?

It’s already known that Mirror of Fate will directly lead to the events of LoS 2, and as I’ve speculated (along with others), Trevor Belmont could end up becoming Alucard. He and Dracula might already have their epic battle reserved for the end of this 3DS exclusive, so maybe in LoS 2 they’ll probably be working together somehow. The wolf in the poster above could actually be Alucard. This wouldn’t be surprising since he already had a wolf as one of his transformation options in Symphony of the Night. And he’s seen here resting behind Dracula, not exactly in a “I’m ready to bite your head off” stance. Then we have G-Drac holding Alucard’s sword, further signifying some sort of cooperation between them, perhaps.

Also, could Alucard be playable at certain points in the game? We might be able to take control of him and use his different transformations to get through areas a powered down Dracula might not be able to get through. Sort of how Laura played a small playable role in the original game’s DLC. LoS 2’s plot synopsis (which I’ll dedicate a whole article to next week) states that Dracula is weakened, meaning that we’ll most likely be met with a Symphony of the Night type of scenario where we’re going to have to obtain G-Drac’s powers again after being stripped of them early on. Having said that, playing as Alucard would make sense, but again, will he be a friend or foe?

What do you guys make of this? What type of role do you think Alucard will play n the game? Sound off in the comments below and make sure to check out tomorrow’s DailyVania for some E3 goodness! Also, follow me on Twitter!


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