Corridor Z is Bringing Horror Back to PS Vita - Rely on Horror

Corridor Z is Bringing Horror Back to PS Vita


There are few companies still developing for the Vita, so it is always excited to hear about an excuse to dust mine off and charge it up. Mass Creation is releasing a new zombie-filled survival runner to both Vita and PS4 tomorrow, filled with explosions, anticipation, and the undead. Players of Corridor Z will experience two parallel storylines set in a classroom where survivors have barricaded themselves inside to escape the horde infesting their quarantined high school. As with all zombie barricades, this plan works for about fifteen seconds, and then the school becomes a zombie maze.

Corridor Z promises weapon upgrades, full story development, two boss fights in addition to the horde chasing after you, and leaderboards for the competitive zombie killer in all of us. Players will have to use the perks and arsenal upgrades they collect to control the zombies progressing behind them as they careen down hallways towards the camera. There will be the option to kill zombies with weapons, block their path with obstacles, or simply run like hell. Players who manage two unlock all of the accomplishments in the game will be able to access an extra character to lead through the halls of Hell No High. Corridor Z is also available for mobile devices on your device’s app store.

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