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Corpse Party: Blood Drive- New details and almost 20 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

It’s so close I can smell itCorpse Party: Blood Drive only has about a week left before its release, which will be the first time the series has received a physical release in the West, and the publisher is gearing up with some brand-new screens and gameplay footage.

For those who pre-ordered the game, you’ll be treated to the Everafter Special Edition, which comes with not only the complete soundtrack but also an 110 page art book titled “The Dying Art Grimoire”, and the newest update on the EU website for the game reveals a quick sneak peak at the book’s contents:

On top of that, the update also goes into detail about the book’s design, themed after the Book of Shadows from the second game in the series, and to quote them: ” perfect style-binding (if you know your books, you will understand that), will measure in at 7.25 inches wide by 5.25 inches tall (opening sideways), and features a soft cover embossed on the front.” The update also lists soundtrack’s enormous selection of tunes, (76 tracks across 2 disks!)

Finally, there’s an all-new, localized gameplay video that’s nearly 20 minutes long! It would appear to be from fairly early in the game, featuring tutorials on how to save and what not, so spoilers are rather minor. The combination of chibi characters, having to go to the bathroom and slow, gripping horror seems to have translated perfectly to the new 3D visuals.  Check it out!


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