Contest: Win Dead Space 2

Now that we’re done trying to forget with Amnesia, let’s cope with our innermost guilt, regrets, and memories. Our holiday give-away today is of the fantastic survival-action horror game

Dead Space 2 released almost a year ago, and while it may not be shit-your-pants scary like Amnesia, it is a very tense and fantastic horror experience all it’s own that is littered with great moments, tense survival, and disturbing imagery. Also, your moms hate it. Just tell them it’s a very in-depth and…unique look into human anatomy. A Dead Space doctor sim, now that would be something…

Today’s contest is for a Steam copy of Dead Space 2. To win you will need a few things. To enter…

1.) First, you’ll need to have the Steam client for either Windows or Mac. If you don’t have Steam, sign up for it. It’s free.

2.) You’ll also need to know the email that your Steam account is associated with. If you’re not sure what that email is, you can find out or change it by going to to the top of the main window and clicking ‘Steam’. Go down to settings, and it will be your ‘Contact Email’.

3.) You will need a Youtube account. They’re free and easy to make, and most of you have them, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

4.) You’ll need a method to record yourself and post it on Youtube, be it via Webcam, Camcorder, Toaster, whatever.

5.) You will need to give us your Steam email, but to make things easy, please either PM our Youtube channel (RelyonHorror at ) your Steam email with the channel you are entering the video contest with, or put the email your Steam account is associated with in the description of your video.

6.) Now how to enter into the contest. We will need users within the next two days (due date at 8 PM PST Time (11 PM EST Time) on January 23rd) to make a video for their channel and post it as a video response to the video below. The requirements of the video:

-It must be a live video recording of yourself. No other videos, be it gameplay, television show, or otherwise may be used.

-It must be made a video response to the video below.

-In the video, you must yell out at some point this quote from Dead Space 2: “FUCK YOU, AND FUCK YOUR MARKER!!”

TIP: The video can be anything, it just has to include you at some point yelling the quote as well as it being a video recorded by you. It can have other people in it, and they can yell the quote as well, but it must be yelled in the video. This contest isn’t randomized, so the most entertaining video will win. The video can be about anything, it can be just you yelling it, a skit, or anything else, as long as the quote is yelled at some point in the video. Again, most entertaining video wins.

The video you need to respond to can be accessed by clicking this link, or using the embedded video below:

The winner will be selected among those who fulfill the video requirements based on which video is the most entertaining. People may enter as many videos as they like. The contest will end 8 PM PST Time (11 PM EST Time) on December 23st. The winner will be notified of winning via email a little after that time, along with the game gifted to their email. If it’s not redeemed in 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

We are most amused over what may come out of this. There’s still more prizes coming, so hang on to your necromorphs as the Holiday horror continues.

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