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Comic-Con 2011: New images and details revealed for The Walking Dead game

If you’re a fan of Image Comic’s critically acclaimed horror series, The Walking Dead, you have many reasons to be happy. First you have Season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC to look forward to complement the on-going comic book series which continues to remain one of the best books on the stands and lastly you have the upcoming video game adaptation from Telltale Games. Oh, and not to mention the very cool figures coming (inspired by the show and comic) from McFarlane. But, let’s focus on the game. Comic-Con is in full swing and already there’s a lot in store for fans of the series and now we even have some new details on the game.

We were previously introduced to the game’s main character, Lee Everett, by way of concept art and a small dose of background on the character. When we start the game’s first episode we’ll be within the confines of a police car about to experience the zombie apocalypse. The car runs into a man who is later revealed as being a zombie (of course). From here we can expect one of the key aspects of the game to start playing a substantial role: choices and consequences.

Not only will there be little things like figuring out how to escape the cop car at the beginning of the game’s first episode, and thus how to survive once you get outside. Those things are expected seeing as how there will be a good amount of combat against hordes of zombies in the game, as well as fights with other survivors. What’s going to be quite interesting, though, and completely in tune with the source material are the interactions between the game’s cast of characters.

You’ll be faced with choices to make regarding who to save and who to leave behind, ideally you would expect this to lead to some harsh consequences especially if the person you opted to leave behind ends up living and confronting you once again. This is exactly going to be the case in the game and this will prove to be quite an incentive for multiplay play-throughs, seeing as how every one will have you with different survivors. One of the most important survivors in the game, that you will meet in episode 1, is Clementine (who we also were already introduced to by way of concept art).

Clementine is a young girl who completely changes Lee’s overall outlook on what’s going on in front of him. After meeting her he starts to worry more about getting her to safety than on his own survival, thus leading to him looking to aid as many survivors as possible instead of just looking out for himself. Not too much is known about Clementine other than the fact that for four days she was hiding in her tree house under the watchful eye of her baby-sitter. Then the baby-sitter turned into a zombie…What’s also noteworthy is all the little things within the this environment. You’ll run into many toys scattered around which when picked up will let you learn more about Clementine. This new feature will apply itself to the whole game in which you’ll be able to get a much more deep perspective on the objects in the game, which ends up serving as one very key storytelling device.

The game may not be starring Rick Grimes but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be excited about this upcoming adaptation; Lee Everett and Clementine are shaping up to be a very solid entries into the series’ overall cast of characters. And it’s also worth noting the the game does in fact take place during the same time Rick wakes up from his coma. Not too much has been said in regards to what established characters we might see make a cameo appearance in the game but Glenn has been confirmed at Comic-Con to be appearing in the first episode (yay!). As an added bonus for fans of the comic book, the game does boast visuals that make it look like the comic book brought to interactive life, albeit in color. Sadly, we’ll still have to wait a bit longer for official word on the game’s release date.

Be sure to check out new images in the gallery below (thanks to IGN).


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