Check out these new screens for The Forest

Endnight Games (formerly SKS Games), in anticipation for the Steam early alpha release in a few months, has released a new set of screenshots to tease and tantalize.

The Forest puts you in the shoes of the only survivor of a passenger airliner crash who finds themselves in a forest, just fighting to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants.  The Forest tasks played with cutting down trees to build a camp, starting a fire to keep warm, scavenging for food to keep yourself from starving and finding plant seeds to grow food and protect yourself against those cannibal neighbours we mentioned previously.  Or you could just…you know, hide.  Nothing wrong with that.

The game is set to have full Oculus Rift support for a more immersive experience.  Check out the new screenshots below and hit up the game’s Facebook page and give them a like!

[nggallery id=152]

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