Check Out This Deep New Gameplay Video for DARQ

DARQ is an upcoming psychological horror platformer from Unfold Games, and it’s one to keep an eye on. You play as a boy named Lloyd, who realizes he’s stuck in a lucid dream. As he attempts to wake up, the world warps around him, becoming a nightmare. Dream physics are presumably different from reality, so a big part of the gameplay is being able to manipulate the environment at will. The devs recently released a gameplay video on their Facebook page showing this concept in action.

These sort of mechanics present some exciting potential for puzzle-solving. DARQ also plays with light, shadow, and sound, which are always useful tools for giving you the creeps in a horror game. As Lloyd’s nightmare world constantly shifts and changes around him, it begins to look like a twisted M.C. Escher piece. I can’t wait to jump into it. The release date is still to be announced, but DARQ will be coming to Steam in the near future. You can find out more at its official website.

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