Check Out 8 Minutes of RE7: Not A Hero Footage From TGS

There’s something kind of… odd about the concept of a demo for a DLC, but hey, that’s where we’re at now.

During Capcom’s Resident Evil panel at Tokyo Game Show, attendees got the chance to watch the upcoming Not A Hero DLC (which is a free add-on to Resident Evil 7 starring Chris Redfield) in action. The majority of the footage is just the presenters talking about the DLC (and unfortunately I can’t translate what they’re saying, and YouTube’s auto-translate is useless). They also show off some of Chris’ unique moves (he can flip his knife between forward and reverse grip styles, presumably by holding down L/L2 for a stronger knife strike) and inventory (letting us take a long, hard look at Chris’ weapons, the Albert 01 and 02, as well as his grenades).

If you look closely, you can also see a few other items that we haven’t seen before- a small, blue can of some kind (maybe another type of grenade) in the lower left corner of the inventory screen, as well as what looks like maybe documents we can read just above that. It’s possible that Chris will start the game with playing manuals (ala RE3) in his inventory, or maybe they’re even his mission orders from Blue Umbrella (similar to how Ethan begins the game with Mia’s E-mail in his inventory). We can also see that Chris’ HUD will occasionally display information about the BOW he’s currently fighting. It kind of reminds me of House of the Dead actually, which would sometimes show you a bosses’ weak points just before fighting them.

Outside of that, the footage is mostly just live gameplay of what we’ve already seen in the TGS trailer that released a few days back, just now we see how it all links together (apparently all the footage from the trailer is from this very small area used in the demo). We’ll keep you updated as more information comes out. Not A Hero releases for free on all platforms RE7 is currently available for on December 12th.



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