Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer working on two new projects

After being quiet for months regarding what’s planned for the future, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer, David Cox has finally let it be known that he’s working on two new projects. The news comes via Cox’s Twitter page where he states:

I am currently working on two unannounced projects Dave. I couldn’t possibly say what they are 🙂

What could these projects be? Cox has already gone on record stating that him and his team have nothing planned for Castlevania’s upcoming 25th anniversary. So, could this be a sequel to Lords of Shadow and perhaps another ‘vania title? For the 3DS maybe? A Lords of Shadow sequel is more than likely so we can already safely speculate that that’s one of Cox’s current projects. But what of the second one?

I’ll probably run a speculation column on this very notion soon, so stay tuned for that. Also, make sure to check back frequently as we’ll have more Castlevania news for you.

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