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Capcom to Shift Main Focus to PC Titles

Publisher/Developer Capcom has announced that they want to shift their focus to PC versions of their titles in the future.

Capcom Chief Operating Officer Haruhiro Tsujimoto recently talked to Japanese newspaper Nikkei. In the interview, Tsujimoto mentioned that they have noticed an upward trend in their titles’ sale numbers on the PC. This is due to a general increased trend towards PC gaming in Japan which was further helped along by the impact of the pandemic in tandem with an overall boost of digital sales.

As a result, the publisher and developer house responsible for the Resident Evil franchise (among many others), now plans to make the PC their main platform. The company’s intent is to have PC titles account for 50% of their sales before 2023.

Screenshot from Resident Evil 8: Village showing Lady Dimitrescu towering over the player.However, Capcom does still plan to increase their business in terms of game consoles, saying that they are aiming to have PC and console sales be at the same level within the next one or two years.

Kotaku, who did an English write-up of the interview, pointed out that this decision of refocussing “makes sense considering that in 2019, Monster Hunter World’s second-largest audience was on PC, and Resident Evil Village set a franchise record for concurrent players on Steam with 101,726 players on its debut, according to Video Games Chronicle.”

With technology like ray tracing being available on PCs as well as consoles, it makes sense to focus development on PC titles which may then be easier to port to consoles, as opposed to the other way around, though is just speculation on our part.

What exactly this announcement means for  Capcom’s future titles remains to be seen.

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