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Capcom Reports “Highest Levels of Profitability in Company History”


Guess we can all stop acting like Capcom’s on the cutting block.

While Capcom for sure has had some rocky decision making over the last few years with the widely criticized Dead Rising 4, the tepid reception to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and the abysmal (as in they don’t even talk about it anymore) Umbrella Corps., its worth noting just how many massive successes they’ve had as well. Resident Evil 7 has been renowned the world over for reinvigorating the series and has moved a pretty hefty 5.1 million units (slightly more than half of Capcom’s lifetime expectations for the game), Street Fighter 5 has made a huge comeback from its rocky launch to become one of the best fighters on the market, and on top of it all Monster Hunter World has become the highest selling Capcom title of all time, beating out Resident Evil 5‘s gigantic lead from almost 10 years ago. Despite much doom and gloom from some of the hardcore fanbase, Capcom is doing just fine these days.

In fact, Capcom is doing better than fine as they announced today that its consolidated business results for the for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, and that “net sales increased to 94,515 million yen (up 8.4 % year-over-year), operating income increased to 16,037 million yen (up 17.5 % year-over-year), ordinary income increased to 15,254 million yen (up 21.2 % year-over-year), and net income attributable to owners of the parent increased to 10,937 million yen (up 23.2 % year-over-year)”. Those are a bunch of numbers and stuff, so I’ll just repeat the headline: “Consolidated Results for the Year Ended March 2018 Saw Highest Levels of Profitability in Company History“. A lot of that has to do with just how damn good Monster Hunter World did, but Resident Evil 7Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch VerUltra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers are also a huge part of it as well, credited with “strong performances”.

If anything can be taken away from this, its the fact that we have many more years of Capcom classics to look forward to. We already have Mega Man 11, Resident Evil 2 REmake, and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection coming up soon, confirmed but far off titles like Dead Rising 5 and Resident Evil 8, as well as rumored titles like Devil May Cry V, Ace Attorney 7, a new Onimusha, and Resident Evil Revelations 3. The sky is the limit right now, so fingers crossed for some strong presence at this year’s E3, and more to come as the year unfolds. The company has certainly had some issues (and I’ll be the first one to condemn games like Resident Evil 6, Dead Rising 4, and Umbrella Corps.), but with numbers like these for some of the best games the company has had in a decade, its a pretty good time to be a Capcom fan.


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