Capcom Announces E3 Plans Include… Resident Evil Village?


It’s that time again — E3, the season of massive hype, and extreme disappointment (there’s rarely any in-between). This year promises to be one of the biggest in a long time, and hold-over titles from E3’s cancellation last year may finally make an appearance, with many on fan’s shortlists (including Elden Ring, Metroid Prime 4, and many others).

Unlike previous years, our favorite games studio Capcom will be holding their own streaming event, separate from the usual reveals during console showcases (such as last year’s Resident Evil Village reveal during the PlayStation showcase). Capcom has just revealed their lineup and it’s absolutely awesome, with upcoming titles like The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and… Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village released over a month ago now, (to much critical acclaim), so it’s… quite surprising to see it listed amongst their E3 lineup. Fans have been quick to speculate about what this could mean, and what exactly could be being showcased here, so I’ve broken down the most popular suspects, and their likelihood of actually happening:

  • Resident Evil Village DLC: This was the first thing that seems to have jumped to a lot of people’s minds, with perhaps a chapter showcasing Chris’s doings during the events of the main game, or even new content for The Mercenaries (which I previously bemoaned its lack of features in my review). It could be literally anything — which is partly why I very much doubt it’s going to be this. Barring the possibility of the DLC being free (which is of course likely), it would seem odd that Capcom wouldn’t have announced it before now, especially given the hefty price point of the Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition. There is, of course, precedent for these games getting free, post-launch DLC, as Resident Evil 2 Remake saw the release of The Ghost Survivors just about a month after launch, but the difference here is that that was revealed days before the release of the main game, not nearly a month afterward. Trust me, I’d love to be wrong, but this goes against all previous DLC marketing for Resident Evil games.
  • A release date and content showcase for Resident Evil RE: Verse: While it was delayed just before Village‘s launch, its pack-in multiplayer component RE: Verse hasn’t actually gone anywhere. Capcom has been dead silent on the game since its beta a few weeks before Village released, leaving many fans confused as to the game’s status, especially considering how bare-bones marketing has been for the game thus far. Considering that the new release date for the game was ‘summer’, it seems extremely likely that this could show up with a full reveal and content showcase. It’s not exactly ‘Resident Evil Village‘ to be fair, but it’s close enough.
  • An ad for Resident Evil Village: I know this sounds extremely cynical, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Village’s presence was simply a trailer, most likely just the launch trailer, smack in the middle of their E3 stream. Considering the months of repeatedly showing the game’s second trailer over and over again (and the re-emphasis of the game’s naming convention), it would track with Capcom’s previous handling of the game’s marketing. Hopefully not this one.

There are just a few more days until the Capcom showcase stream, which is of course on June 14th, 10:30 PM BST / 11:30 PM CEST. We’re waiting with bated breath.

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