Bulb Boy has won over our hearts - Rely on Horror

Bulb Boy has won over our hearts

Bulb Boy

Bulb Boy is a cute little fella with a light bulb instead of a head who stars in an all-new point & click adventure game currently looking for Kickstarter funding and Greenlight approval.

We aren’t Rely on Cuteness, though, so we wouldn’t report on this if Bulb Boy didn’t have an eerie world with monsters to explore, which he obviously does. The game juxtaposes the cuddly nature of its hero with gory and disturbing visuals, as the house the game takes place in has become overrun with darkness. Now Bulb Boy must explore this corrupted world and use his various abilities to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and find his family members.

Bulb Boy Team, which is apparently a Polish studio, are looking for $40,000 to finish the game, but if they can reach $50,000 they will be adding more chapters and sounds. If all this has made you curious, then a demo is already available.


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