BrokenLore: FOLLOW, Japanese Horror, Releasing in 2024

BrokenLore: FOLLOW

Serafini Productions, a Tokyo-based Japanese studio specializing in horror games, has released a free demo on Steam for BrokenLore: FOLLOW, an upcoming first-person psychological horror game.

The game immerses you into the distressed narrative of Anne, a character grappling with self-doubt, the agony of bullying, and feelings of worthlessness. She must fight terrifying monsters and uncover a dark mystery in a thrilling journey of terror. The developer has partnered with psychologist Emanuela Papa to ensure an accurate portrayal of the psychological themes in the game.

Game Features:

  • Traverse Unsettling Environments and Solve Puzzles: Navigate through eerie settings and solve challenging puzzles to progress.
  • Piece Together Anne’s Troubled Story: Uncover the layers of Anne’s past and her mental struggles through the narrative.
  • Evade Terrifying Creatures: Survive the monstrous entities that lurk in the shadows, each representing a facet of Anne’s fears.

BrokenLore: FOLLOW on Steam

BrokenLore: FOLLOW serves as the prequel to UNFOLLOW, which explores the dark side of social media. UNFOLLOW is set to be released in 2024, with a free demo available now on Steam. In addition, Serafini Productions is simultaneously working on three games within the BrokenLore franchise.

First to release is BrokenLore: FOLLOW, focusing on Anne’s psychological horror journey. Then, BrokenLore: UNFOLLOW will delve into the malevolent aspects of social media. Finally, BrokenLore: LOW, set in the isolated Japanese village of Kirisame Mura, will explore the ominous prelude to the story of UNFOLLOW.

BrokenLore: FOLLOW game revenue and stats on Steam – Steam Marketing Tool

The franchise is notable for its unique Japanese horror elements. These include a ceramic doll resembling Little Red Riding Hood with innocent yet eerie eyes, as well as a gaunt figure with a pale face who possibly wears a geisha mask. The environments are also appropriately foreboding, featuring Japanese residential communities on a rainy night and Japanese shrines, adding to the atmosphere of fear.

If you’re a fan of horror games set against a Japanese backdrop, the BrokenLore series is worth exploring. Follow Serafini Productions on Twitter for updates regarding the franchise. You can also rely on us to provide updated coverage on all things BrokenLore.

Check out the new trailer for BrokenLore: UNFOLLOW below and let us know what you think!

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