The Chatty Dead Await in the Forests of Apparition

Apparition Photography Ghosts

Fans of the paranormal will be very interested to see the recently announced Apparition.

Developed by Fat Dog Games (who I assume are comprised of actual canines), Apparition is a first person survival horror game in which the player takes over the role of a paranormal researcher who now seems to be a bit in over their head. Players will encounter and document various ghosts, and demons, some of which probably won’t be too happy to see you.

Much of the game still remains a mystery, but we know that the player will have the ability to communicate with various ghosts via an Ouija board. There is a scoring system as well, in which points will be earned through acquiring evidence and documenting the spirits you meet along the way. It will certainly be interesting to see if this mechanic is utilized to encourage players to face the horror in a more head on approach. There will be leaderboard support as well, and I think its cool to see a developer interested in adding a competitive edge to their survival horror game.

Interested in knowing more? Check the trailer below, or head on over to the Steam store page here.

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