Boys & Body Horror: DRAMAtical Murder's English Localization Released

Boys & Body Horror: DRAMAtical Murder’s English Localization Released

dramatical murder

Releasing nearly three years after it was announced, infamous Japanese Boys’ Love visual novel DRAMAtical Murder has arrived. If you’re looking for a game where boys fuck and kill each other, look no further.

Publisher JAST USA dropped DRAMAtical Murder on Steam and their (NSFW) storefront yesterday evening, offering players the first official English language translation since developer Nitro+chiral released the game on PC in 2012. If you’re unfamiliar with DRAMAtical Murder, Polygon published an article in 2014 which described the game as “Cronenberg by way of Lisa Frank“. The game is a mix of psycho-sexual violence, body horror, and other twisted terrors through a lens of gay romance. I’ve been waiting to see this game for myself for quite some time.

About DRAMAtical Murder:

The beautiful island of Midorijima was once a place where people lived in harmony with nature, until the Toue Corporation took over and forced the island’s residents into the shadow of Platinum Jail, a walled-off megaresort where the wealthy wallow in luxury.

Aoba is a young man living with his grandmother, working part-time in a junk shop while his peers join gangs or immerse themselves in virtual reality. All Aoba wants is a peaceful life, but strange things are happening in Midorijima, and soon he will have to fight… or lose everything that he holds dear.

DRAMAtical Murder is available uncensored on JAST USA’s store and censored on Steam. The Steam version can be uncensored by purchasing a $3.99 DLC pack from JAST USA’s store. Warning: DRAMAtical Murder contains elements of body horror, cannibalism, sadomasochism, and non-consensual sexual acts. This is an adult 18+ game if that wasn’t obvious.

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