Both ObsCure Games are Less Than $2 Apiece on Steam Right Now, Go Get Them if You Love Yourself - Rely on Horror

Both ObsCure Games are Less Than $2 Apiece on Steam Right Now, Go Get Them if You Love Yourself

This is more of a public service announcement than a news update, but hey. ObsCure 1 and 2 are two of my favorite hidden gem survival horror games from the sixth generation of home consoles, and they’re both cheap af right now on Steam. Essentially a mix of Resident Evil (with some very noticeable Outbreak game design) and Silent Hill, these games might not win any points with their cringe-inducing cinematics and voice acting, but as survival horror games they excel tremendously. Right now they’re both on sale for less than $2 ($1.39 and $1.99 respectively — or you can get them in a bundle for $2.99) and I can’t recommend them enough.

ObsCure follows a group of high school students caught in the middle of a horrific onslaught of otherworldly creatures, beasts birthed from the darkness and feast on their classmates. Slowly discovering that their school may be hiding more than they could have imagined, a spiraling staircase of depraved and twisted science tells a remarkably dark story despite the high school setting. Mixing explorative and puzzle heavy old school survival horror, ObsCure is a delicious blend of almost everything that made pre-RE4 survival horror great.

ObsCure 2 (originally released as ObsCure: The Aftermath in NA) follows up a few years later as the survivors of the first game try to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives, along with a new group of college students that have become interwoven with their lives. A new outbreak of the same hideous nightmare from Leafmore High decimates their entire city, leaving them to fend for themselves in a nightmare of unpredictable twists and turns. Following up on the first games’ pitch-black tone, ObsCure 2 features some of the most twisted shit I’ve ever seen in a game, while retaining the original’s hardcore survival horror design (albeit a smidge more action-heavy — although nowhere near Dead Space or other survival horror contemporaries at the time). On top of this, it features one of the most incredible soundtracks I’ve ever heard, and it’s a crying shame more don’t know about it — its a standout even in a genre flooded with amazing music.

You owe it to yourself to spend the few bucks, friends. I cannot recommend these games enough.

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