Bonbon, a Short Horror Story About Your Childhood, Releases August 4

Even if you weren’t a small child in the UK in the mid-1980s, you’ve been here before. Just you and your friendly toys.
But this new friend… this is something you are not yet able to understand.

Bonbon, a first-person narrative horror game by developer Aetheric Games, will be out for PC this Friday, August 4. It will be available through at a minimum price of $1.95 USD.

Built using Unreal Engine 4, Bonbon puts you in the mindset of a child in the ’80s trying to make sense of things you don’t understand, including your era-appropriate toys. It captures the sense of dread and confusion that can come from navigating the unknown as a child without guidance from a parent or authority figure. You’ll complete a few tasks to advance, but the game is mostly about exploring and experiencing the objects and nightmarish events you come across. has consistently been a great way for indie developers to get horror games with a more creative twist out for public consumption. Games like Anatomy, which won Rely on Horror’s Community Game of the Year award last year, and the highly praised Sarah Is Missing are two examples. Bonbon looks to be another promising experience for the horror fan who’s looking for something different.

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