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Blizzard seeks to revitalize its older games

Diablo 2

A PC gamer would tell you that the PC platform is kind of like one huge archive of gaming’s entire history, as emulators and tech-savvy gamers manage to keep retro titles and abandonware alive long after the companies dropped their support. Even so, running a game like Diablo on PC is not particularly easy, so it’s always nice to see a company look back and help preserve its legacy.

Case in point: Blizzard is now hiring new employees to help them bring their older titles, Warcraft III, Diablo II, and Starcraft being mentioned in particular, to a modern day audience. After all, the gamers of today have different expectations of their games and the last time I tried to run Diablo the graphics went disco-mode on me and it became unplayable. Blizzard is particularly looking for coders with knowledge of C and C++ and a minimum of five years experience working in related fields. Also of note is that multiplayer is being mentioned, hinting that we might see a return of some truly amazing multiplayer titles that left many with treasured memories.

Any programmers out there looking to apply can reach Blizzard via the source below.


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