Black Death announced by Darkworks - Rely on Horror

Black Death announced by Darkworks

Darkworks game development studio has announced their upcoming survival horror title Black Death. The studio is known for their previous horror games Cold Fear and Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

Black Death aims to take the survival horror genre is a unique direction by focusing on speed, fluidity and freedom. The game appears to be focusing on an industrial theme. The plot revolves around the appearance of mysterious black smoke with mutagen properties. Average people become monsters, and your character is left behind to combat them.

The gameplay features listed suggest that as the player, we can control the dark fog for different purposes. The ability to cure or kill infected people is a choice, and creating creating weapons are also mentioned.

Right now, Black Death seems a bit like STALKER; at least how it’s coming off in the gameplay feel. New horror games are always nice, so keep checking back here and on the Black Death site for more info.


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