Bethesda Talks DOOM’s Design with “Guns, Demons, Speed” Trailer

Bethesda have released a new trailer offering a look into the design philosophy of Doom, which is rapidly reaching the end of its gestating period, and is ready to burst – screeching, across the veil between worlds and ready to throw a fireball in your face come Friday.

The trailer explores how they have done some shady experiments with the “DNA of Doom”, and concentrated on getting good fluidity of movement, interesting enemies to fight, and a toolbox of interesting weapons.

See below for standard, semi-awkward dev-speak:

YouTube video

There’s a lot of interesting elements in there, and it’s good to get some insight into what the developers are doing. I’m often skeptical of jamming RPG elements into a first person shooter, but running through the game with different “builds” might give it some more replayability. I’ve talked before about my rather lukewarm response to Doom‘s beta, but seeing the approach Bethesda have taken here, I’m allowing myself to get a little excited.

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