Bethesda E3 Promo Possibly Teasing Evil Within, Wolfenstien Sequels

I mean, is this really a surprise?

Bethesda, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls and the modern Fallout games, has done pretty well for itself since it began hosting it’s own press event at E3. We’ve gotten to see some pretty awesome reveals and gameplay debuts, and great, in-depth presentations rather than the usual 5 minute condensed blips afforded by the larger console events. Bethesda’s amazing Fallout 4 presentation in 2015 especially stands out, and that was three years ago.

A cute piece of art mimicking original 60s Disneyland promos welcomes us to Bethesdaland, where we see fun, retro stylized depictions of Bethesda’s most famous franchises. It highlights all of their most recent properties nicely, save for two which are simply depicted as “under construction” without obviously identifying characteristics.

Interestingly, two of Bethesda’s most recent properties are missing, both rumored to have a sequel underway. The Evil Within (a psychological horror shooter crafted by Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil), and Wolfenstien (which was recently revitalized with The New Order and The Old Blood, modern shooters with decidedly old school mechanics and combat). Seems too obvious to simply be a coincidence, especially seeing as both The Evil Within and Wolfenstien were featured in last year’s version of the same promo. This isn’t to say that it’s impossible that these “under construction” franchises couldn’t be the return of Rage or even something entirely new, but it’s also worth pointing out the designs of the two sections on this map.

The upper left “construction” game features what looks like regular old building construction, complete with cranes and steel beams. While The Evil Within has a few sections that take place in old villages and haunted farmlands, the grand majority of it took place in a destroyed city. The other, lower right section, shows a starfield. Yeah, it isn’t a stretch to point out that a huge chunk of Wolfenstien: The New Order sees us attempting to destroy a Nazi moon base.

Even throwing out any and all speculation, The Evil Within and Wolfenstien have both been rumored to be getting sequels, and both had these sequels leaked through various means (Evil Within rather recently, and Wolfenstien via a slip-up of the game’s lead actress). Regardless, it isn’t too long of a wait for E3, and as I actually love E3 hype culture, I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on the rumor mill like I did last year.


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