Bend Studio Developing Potential ‘AAA Live Service’ Title

Bend StudioA recent job posting on Bend Studios’ website suggests they are working on a new live-service game. First uncovered by GameRant, the role of Lead Project Manager requires “Hands-on game development experience in leadership roles shipping AAA live service games.”

It appears that Bend is aligning themselves with Sony’s ongoing live service gaming initiative, much to the chagrin of gamers. Some live service games thrive. However, the majority end up squandering the potential of a title by prioritizing profit-driven expansions that fail to satisfy fans. Witnessing the new Bend Studio IP stray from a Days Gone sequel and (to add insult to injury) adopting a live service model is the stuff of nightmares for many.

But before anyone jumps to any conclusions about Days Gone transitioning to live service, other clues from the developers suggest that this new IP will be entirely distinct from their previous work, both in gameplay mechanics and narrative.

Regrettably, the anticipation surrounding a new game from the Days Gone developers is diminishing. It’s disheartening, especially considering the untapped potential fans believe Days Gone still possesses.

We hope our concerns are unfounded and this new live service title will be successful. However, our instincts suggest otherwise. Sony’s drive to bolster profits by extending the lifespan of its releases may yield results for some, but whether it aligns with Bend Studio’s vision remains to be seen.


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