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Be a Traitor in The Blackout Club’s PvP Update

The Blackout Club Update

Developer Question has released the first update of 2019 for their adolescent multiplayer horror mystery, The Blackout Club. Find yourself in need of a new asymmetrical multiplayer title? Well, guess who has joined the … club.

The Stalker PvP update has hit The Blackout Club, adding the ability for a player to invade the game of others who are working together to complete missions. The Stalker will appear as another teenager, joining the game unprompted as if another ally. The Stalker’s objective is to survey the kids and “report” back to the entity known as The Angel, using their cell phones to spy on others, causing additional challenges to appear. The update promises to add another layer of complexity and paranoia to the game’s already oppressive atmosphere.


  • Enter games unannounced and uninvited. This can happen mid-mission, beginning or end
  • Are weak but agile and capable of using the red doors of Redacre as shortcuts to spy on players
  • Only appear in co-op games and won’t invade single player missions
  • Invade mid-to-high-level games consisting of players who are experienced exploring Redacre

To play as or against one of these new traitors, the Stalker PvP update for The Blackout Club is available to download now. Just last month the dev team released the “Enhanced Horror” update, so they’re certainly on a nice Early Access schedule. The Blackout Club is on Steam for $19.99 and will release in 1.0 and on consoles later this year.


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