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Back in 1995 Takes Us Back to Our Roots

BI1995 poster

Japan-based indie team Throw the Warped¬†Code Out remembers a simpler time, when the graphics and terror of a game were filled out by a player’s imagination, a half step between books and the hand-holding games of today. They want to introduce a younger generation of players to the clumsy controls and distorted, low-fi graphics of the original Silent Hill and Resident Evil games, and remind older players of their gateway games.¬†To accomplish this, they’ve partnered with Degica to launch Back in 1995 this April, available for Mac and PC on Steam.

Whether Back in 1995 will adopt some more modern game conventions to avoid feeling too outdated remains to be seen. Surely a game such as this runs the risk of alienating quite a few players if it’s too much like a game from yesteryear.

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