Back In 1995 64 Releasing On Japanese Nintendo 3DS’ This Spring

back in 1995 64

Survival horror throwback, Back in 1995 64, has a Spring release window for Japanese Nintendo 3DS’.

Play,Doujin! have announced that they will be publishing the Nintendo 3DS port of the PlayStation One inspired horror title. The port was announced way back in 2016, but further information about the ports’ progress began to dwindle and eventually faded into complete silence. Back in 1995 was originally released on PC, not back in 1995, but in mid 2016. It was a throwback to survival horror titles from the PlayStation One era. That meant you had tank controls, fixed camera angles, and terrible combat. All the things that defined that era of the genre.

Alongside the release date announced, a few screenshots were released showing how the game will look on the Nintendo 3DS. As of writing, Back in 1995 64 has only been confirmed for Japanese release, but the game will feature English voiceover coupled with Japanese text. So, an eventual western release doesn’t seem to farfetched.


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