Back 4 Blood Announced By Original Left 4 Dead Developers

Turtle Rock Studios

Turtle Rock Studios (originally known as Valve South), the original creators of Left 4 Dead, are developing a new game titled, ‘Back 4 Blood‘. Much is unknown about the game beyond the fact that there will be lots of shootable zombies in it. Given the title of the game and the developers behind the project, it seems likely to me that Back 4 Blood will act as a spiritual successor to their original zombie shooter. That being said, the studio is promising to bring unique elements to the project so that Back 4 Blood doesn’t turn out to be just a Left 4 Dead clone.

Some other sparse details were discussed as well. As of now, the game is in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.  There will be a playable campaign and there are no intentions for any kind of PvP mode, which is fine with me. The company also discussed the potential monetization of the game, which I find to be unexpected. Turtle Rock seems to be interested in creating post-launch content,, although there is no planned monetization scheme at the moment, as the company wants to come up with a plan that consumers will feel is fair. Whatever they come up with, I really hope it is one for the better.

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