Araya comes screaming through Greenlight - Rely on Horror

Araya comes screaming through Greenlight


MAD Virtual Reality Studio, an independent developer in Thailand, has successfully made it through Steam’s Greenlight with a unique survival horror title, Araya. Players will explore an empty hospital as three different characters to gather clues about the murder of a woman named Araya, who seems to be wandering the hospital with you hellbent on vengeance.

Developed and optimized for VR units, the game is played in first-person perspective and immerses players with realistic camera movements while running and dodging through the halls. The spirit in the halls is adept at hurling objects, shutting off lights to prevent access to exits, and appearing unexpectedly behind you. Once the Let’s Plays of this one begin, you may want to turn down your headset volume. Araya is angry, and this time she isn’t going down without a fight.

Araya will be available for PC and does not require a VR unit to play, but it will be optimized to the Oculus Rift. The game will be released in Thai and English, with further languages being considered depending on player demand- if you want to see more languages, let the developer know on Facebook or Twitter.

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