AMY releases on PSN today, developer calls game “hard” when it’s actually broken

AMY is now available on Playstation 3 for purchase, but are you really willing to spend money on this game after so many reviewers highlighted its broken controls, unpolished nature, terrible save system, gameplay flaws, game breaking bugs, inventory/ability deletion, lack of an adequate GPS system, broken collision detection, missing events, NPC’s with no heads, terrible AI, and unforgiving trial and error gameplay?

Don’t let me stop you from trying it for yourself. I may have given it a 3/10, but always see for yourself. Maybe you will find something redeeming about it. But to me, this game is not a traditional survival horror experience. AMY is unfinished and broken. I dislike this game, because I was hoping it would be a traditional survival horror experience with a nice coat of paint at a low price, but it’s not. It’s just abysmal.

Adding insult to injury, the AMY Facebook page was updated today calling the game “hard”. They’ve ignored every single concern from fans and have not offered up an apology for their broken product. No word on a potential patch to fix the game was given, just a few pats on the back for being “#1 in the daily XBLA charts since its launch in all major territories”. Sorry, but the game’s only competition was one other game that week.

On the publisher’s Facebook page, they also stressed that the game was “hard” and not broken.

 Hi Sandy – Basically , we really have 2 kinds of reactions about AMY. Some people hated it while others really liked it (76% on GamingXP, 84% on XboxFront, 10/10 from XBox Live Forum, 4/4 on Gamatomic etc..). If you’re not a hard core gamer, launching the game in “easy” mode will give you a quite different experience. As for the price, it’s already £7.99…

Way to insult customers who were hoping to enjoy your game. I guess it’s just casual gamers who care about playing games that are not finished. I knew I wasn’t hard-core enough; damn!


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