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Amnesia reaches an estimated million in sales

Today Frictional Games blogged about the state of their company and the sales of Amnesia: The Dark Descent two years after its release. To sum it up, they are definitely doing well with an estimated one million units sold.

Aside from sales numbers, Frictional also talks about their overall financial status, how A Machine for Pigs is going, their lack of concern over piracy, and even hint at information for their unannounced horror game. It all sounds extremely promising.

Surprisingly, they call Amnesia a “shallow fright fest” in comparison to what they have in mind for their upcoming title. While I do think their previous game, Penumbra, did explore deeper themes than Amnesia, I never thought of it as a shallow experience. But it makes me all the more hyped if they hold themselves to that high of a standard.

At Frictional Games our main concern is our new super secret project. We do not want to say much about this project yet,but we can disclose that it will be horror and that it will be first person. One of the things I was most disappointed with in Amnesia was that it never really managed to deliver any deeper themes, but was more like a shallow fright-fest. For the new project we want to change that and really try and bring a certain theme to the front. Our hope is that this will create a very special experience, creating horror in a much more disturbing way.


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