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American McGee’s Grimm now on Steam Greenlight


You might be familiar with American McGee’s Alice or perhaps his more recent take on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, but did you know he once made an episodic series based on all the Grimm fairy tales? If you didn’t, then you might be able to catch up with this piece of history very soon!

Steam Greenlight, the system where users can vote which games are published on the Steam platform, now has a page for the Grimm series, which is a clear hint that Spicy Horse is planning to release the game again. It was previously available on the developer’s website and Gametap, but never before on Steam. According to a statement from Spicy Horse, they intend to release the game in episodes, as opposed to a bundle, as fitting everything in a single installer would make the download very large (and long, for that matter).

I am slightly confused as to why this has to go through Greenlight, seeing as the service is intended for “Any developer or publisher who is new to Steam” and Spicy Horse is most definitely not new to the platform. Akaneiro is already available on Steam and before that they developed Alice: Madness Returns under the watchful eye of EA, which is also still available via the Steam Store. Still, if this means we get a new release of the Grimm series, then I am absolutely fine with it.

If you wish to support the game and its developer, then you can do so by voting on the page linked below.


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