Amazon no longer stocking Silent Hill HD Collection, item under review

Well this is getting bad pretty quickly. is no longer stocking the Silent Hill HD Collection due to user reports that there is a problem with the item. Amazon is investigating their inventory but we all know that the problem lies with the game itself. Amazon has also been giving refunds to those who purchased the PS3 version through their site. Whether they’re continuing to do so remains unconfirmed.

This is pretty bad for Konami. The company released this shoddy HD Collection in an unfinished state and gamers have taken notice. Silent Hill 2 is a game loved by many and this Collection is being considered an insult to its legacy. Hopefully the immense amount of negative reaction will be cause for Konami to release a legitimate patch for both platforms.If the game couldn’t be finished by release, they can at least finish it this way. It’s the only thing that can be done, it seems.


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