Alice: Otherlands passes funding goal


The kickstarter project for the Alice: Otherlands animated shorts and movie has just passed its funding goal with only fourteen hours left on the clock. It seems OZombie wasn’t sacrificed in vain after all!

So far, the campaign has raised $200,594, but that number has been steadily rising since I woke up. If they manage to raise an extra $50,000, which I think is slightly unlikely, then Susie Brann and Roger Jackson, who previously voiced Alice and the Cheshire Cat respectively, will sign on for the project.

This doesn’t mean the project will definitely be made, though. People can still withdraw their pledges until the campaign ends and, like Spicy Horse admitted themselves, they are a game producer and not an animation studio, so the future of the project largely depends on their cooperation with external companies. Even so, American McGee and his colleagues have a lot of experience with such external animation studios and with the help of Tsui Hark, the project should be in good hands.

So, did anyone snag that backstage pass for $10,000?


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