Alan Wake going next-gen?

According to an article on GameSpot, Remedy is looking to hire more than 20 new staff jobs for an unannounced project targeted towards future generation consoles.

So does this give possibility that we’ll be seeing Alan Wake 2 down the line?

The original Alan Wake racked up more than 2 million sales across both Xbox 360 and PC platforms, and more recently Remedy saw success with its XBLA release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

And according to an older article on GameSpot, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne said the studio wasn’t finished with the Alan Wake series, which hints at future installments heading for next- gen consoles in the near future. Myllyrinne had also hinted at a possible “digital” release for a future installment in the series.

So could this be the start of something new in the Alan Wake series? Anyone itching for a new installment? Give your opinions in the comments below!


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