Alan Wake Enemies

There’s something strange happening in Bright Falls.  The people there are suddenly no longer themselves.  Shrouded in shadows, they’ve taken on a whole new personality, are mere husks of their former selves.  They’ve been taken by something dark and disturbing.  They can no longer go back to the way they used to be, ever.

So their only fate now?  To be put out of their misery by Alan Wake.

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The Taken

Taken are humans who have been possessed by a dark presence.  While they still look and sound much like their former selves, they are now merely husks of those former selves.  They are murderous, mindless puppets who despite Alan’s best efforts, cannot be saved.  Their shields are their shadows, and to truly end their misery, their shadows need to be abolished.

Taken come in several varieties depending on the people that they used to be.  Just like people, they come in all different sizes and can take different levels of damage as well.  Taken carry weapons and some of them can even teleport short distances.  What is the most frightening about The Taken is that they will re-appear in an area if Alan doesn’t move on quickly.  Their shadows will regenerate if not completely destroyed, causing Alan to blow through batteries, and health at a significant rate.

One of the best tactics against regular taken are to be quick on your feet.  The Taken can come at you from anywhere once they’ve initiated an attack.  Be sure to always check behind you during enemy encounters–hiding in the shadows, The Taken can easily sneak up behind you.  Be ready to dodge as well!

When the Taken attack in numbers, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  The game suggests that if they become too much for you, run for a Safe Haven–once you’re in the warm light, The Taken will disappear back into the shadows.  Be warned though, that doesn’t mean they’re gone.  Travel back into the same area and they’ll be back to hunt you down.  To give yourself a little bit of breathing room, use a flare to hold them off for a few seconds to make your escape, or to get yourself into a better position.


Unfortunately, The Darkness can envelop more than just people.  Also succumbing to the Darkness are Ravens.  Ravens are not dangerous when by themselves.  Their real threat is in their numbers.  They will swoop down and attack in flocks.  The best method for disposing of these flying menaces is with a single, well-timed shot from the Flare Gun, right into the centre of their flock.  If a Flare Gun is unavailable, just be sure to keep your flashlight ready–The Ravens fall quickly against light.

Poltergeist Objects

The Darkness can even control inanimate objects, such as cars, barrels, gates and furniture.  Even the Earth itself is an enemy against Alan Wake.  These things can be destroyed using various light-sources.  Your best bet is to destroy them with the flashlight–if in dire circumstances, something a little more powerful.  Be ready to dodge when they come at you.

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