Aksys Games Picks up Cult Favorite Creeping Terror

Creeping Terror isn’t exactly a new game. Released in 2016 by Japanese indie team Sushi Typhoon Games, the game has a┬ásmall but loyal following online. The latest announcement for the game ensures that following is only going to grow larger. Aksys Games has announced that it will be releasing the game on 3DS and Steam for those of us out west this Halloween.

Creeping Terror is a horror exploration game, pitting players against a lurking monster as they make their way across the map. Lost and alone, players will control teenage student Arisa as she stumbles through a cave, tunnel, and finally into the mansion she came to explore with friends. Much like Arisa, players have no way of knowing what terrors they will encounter along the way.

Aksys is best known for the horror series Zero Time Dilemma, which makes them a perfect match for Sushi Typhoon. Started in 2010 as a low-budget horror film company headed by J-horror legend Takashi Miike, the studio seems to have completely reinvented itself as a game developer. Despite the move away from film, Sushi Typhoon is still owned and funded by Nikkatsu, the oldest film company in Japan. With that kind of backing, whatever the team puts out is certainly in good hands.

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