Agony Raises Enough Funding To Unleash Hell On Earth - Rely on Horror

Agony Raises Enough Funding To Unleash Hell On Earth



It is a brave developer who bills their game as “the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming.” Playway seems to have the guts say it about their newest title, though, and the experience to back it up. Their vision of hell is run by a goddess who is definitely not concerned with your satisfaction, reigning over a grotesque, living world you must wander for all of eternity.

The team unleashed Agony on the world with a trailer and demo showing off a stunningly beautiful but grotesque world, and it seems players took note. With twenty-four days left in its campaign, Agony is sitting at 116% funding. Interested players still have plenty of time to back the game, with the release and perks invading our realm in May of 2017. The game claims other victories as well, with the campaign page proudly proclaiming that the gameplay trailer has more views than the trailer for Resident Evil 7. With a trailer like this, it is no surprise.

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