After Silent Hill TGA Rumor, Geoff Keighly Seemingly Teases Konami

After Silent Hill TGA Rumor, Geoff Keighly Seemingly Teases Konami

Yeah yeah sure, I get it — this is purely speculative and springboarding off of an emoji of all things, but come on. A week or so ago, we reported on a rumor that the much-rumored Silent Hill reboot possibly being revealed at this year’s Game Awards. While we independently heard the rumor through our own channels, that still doesn’t mean it’s 100% happening, but it doesn’t help when things appear to be so blatantly teased. Earlier today, Konami’s official Twitter account retweeted a tweet of PlayStation’s, congratulating them on the release of their new system, the PlayStation 5. They did the same for Xbox as well, and there’s nothing else to really take away from the tweets beyond just being a gesture of goodwill and congratulations to one of their partners in the console market sphere. However, that tweet was followed up by one person of particular note dropping what many are interpreting to be a tease of things to come.

That is, of course, Geoff Keighly — host of The Game Awards. Sure, it’s just a pair of emoji eyes (which I use on an almost constant basis), but… maaaan just the fact that it’s lining up with so many other things going on on top of the Game Awards Silent Hill reveal rumor. Keighly isn’t an idiot, and he’s very aware of both gaming news as well as how some fans hold on to his every word as he’s often in the know months or even years before a reveal (Half-Life: Alyx being the biggest example of that sort of thing), and this is just so easy to interpret as meaning something. Of course, we can get all 4-D chess on it if we really wanted and started extrapolating that he’s deliberately teasing fans and getting people riled up just because he knows he can, but he has a show to run. Even small gestures like this carry weight for people tuning in to his awards show and the potential of Silent Hill showing up there is a major draw.

This of course follows up on this entire year having been filled with a combination of both rumors indicating that a new Silent Hill is on the horizon, and multiple major Silent Hill releases/announcements throughout as well. We’ve been tracking it fairly thoroughly so far, and at this point, if it isn’t happening, someone is deliberately messing with Silent Hill fans.

As always, we’ll keep you updated. The Game Awards are being held on December 10th, less than a month away, so hold on to your butts.

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