A New Resident Evil? Resident Evil Containment

Resident Evil Containment
Do you long for the days of fixed-camera survival horror? (I know I do sometimes!) Then you are in luck! Resident Evil Containment is a new total conversion mod for 1996’s Resident Evil. In the game, you follow an Umbrella Security Service member sent to investigate a distress call in the Arklay Research Lab. The timeline of events happens shortly before Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil.

It has a brand-new story which fits in with the first game, but also features many brand-new locations. Some of these were even based on unused official concept art for the original game. But there are also new cutscenes, puzzles, events, FMVs, and gameplay features, making it basically a completely new experience. Simply download, extract, and revisit the days of classic Resident Evil.
Resident Evil Containment

This is a fan mod made by Aydan Watkins showing a great love for the early days of the franchise. The trailer showcases some of the mod’s new locations. The music is tense, and the camera angles are fixed. There are still many of the old locations and gameplay mechanics, however. You can manage your inventory, collect items and files, and solve puzzles. But there are completely new cutscenes, weapons, characters, and story. It stays true to the series while giving us the classic feel (and blocky graphics) of the original.

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The game is single-player and begins at the Spencer Estate, where something has gone horribly wrong. Explore the estate and discover the events leading up to this incident. Explore new locations, and new spins on familiar and nostalgic locations. And you can download it from modbb and enjoy this new Resident Evil experience for free.

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